MS Global to launch news streaming network

edrone msglobal partnes
edrone MS Global Partnership
July 9, 2019
msglobal tv channel

MS Global is looking to reach a global business audience with today’s announcement of a new streaming news network, MS Global broadcasting. Instead of airing on traditional pay-TV platforms, MS Global news will be available on other services including YouTube, and Twitter etc. The focus will be on bridging the gap between global markets through various news segments to connect businesses around the world, beginning from India,” the company says.

The service will include a weekly show hosted by Marcin Grzymislawski, in the Polish Language on every Tuesday. This show will focus on the news updates from India’s business world. Its focus will be to keep Polish Businesses well informed about India’s Business opportunities and threats.

Other programming consists of a weekly show, a special news segment from E-Commerce Industry in India called “E-commerce India,” which launches later next month.

The channel will have 24/7 news coverage starting in mid-2020, MS Global says. Apart from this, we want to be available on various streaming channels and mobile Apps. Weekly shows for various language groups are also planned and will be announced soon.

“There is a growing segment of people who have never had a cable subscription, but who are just as hungry for smart news. We are segmenting audience on the basis of their needs and trying to produce valuable content for a specific target,” said Vandana Shelar, President of MS Global, about the launch.

“These consumers – who are up-to-date on the headlines but are seeking a deeper understanding of a certain market or a specific niche– are increasingly turning to OTT devices for ‘lean back’ news consumption or an on-the-go informative experience and that’s exactly what MS Global Broadcast will deliver,” she added.

Source – MS Global Poland