The Indian Daughters

Veera a 21-year-old journalist working in Mumbai is sexually harassed by her Boss. Trying to escape her powerful Boss’s clutches and running away from the conservative parents and society, Veera moves in with her three female friends. The constant struggle with money while seeking a new job it seems impossible for Veera to survive, while she sees her friends making money through prostitution.

Baffled and shattered she gives up and joins her friends into high profile Escort business. Surviving filthy Indian mentality, brutal attacks, finally, Veera is able to run a successful Brothel in the capital of the country where she meets the elites and is shocked to see the hypocrisy of the Indian society.

She makes millions with her organized skills and business sense but finds herself lonely every time. Already broken she is unable to fathom the world around and decides to kill herself but escapes death once again getting back into Prostitution.

Will Veera ever find her way out of prostitution? Will she be able to fulfill her hearts truest desire? Would her existence be more than being a female? Read more to discover the secret of being a woman, having an ambition and being free!

Wendy Grzymisławski

Opportunities for young

I strive to be optimistic about things, but let’s face it: the world’s shit. It’s better than it was a hundred years ago, but we still face a lot of problems today. There is still racism and sexism, social inequality, income gap. Is there a solution? Book describes the solution...demonstrating how a problem can actually be an opportunity... Quote - "To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man" - Aristotle

Wendy Grzymisławski